15 Times BTS’s V Proved He’s The KING Of Facial Expressions

#8 is a true masterpiece.

BTS‘s V is always praised for one thing: his facial expressions. Every little smirk, every tilt of his head, and every raise of his brow seem to make a huge impact in the emotions he’s trying to portray.

Watching him go from powerful to seductive to happy in only a few seconds is an experience! Check out some of his best examples below.

1. With those sultry eyes

2. With that slow head turn

3. With his one eye closed

4. With his “I’m only looking at you” stare

5. With him catching his breath

6. With his “crazy” hand sign

7. With him truly having fun

8. With his nerdy to hot expressions

9. With him blowing our minds

10. With his lip rub

11. With his intense AF look

12. With his devil-may-care shrug

13. With him going hard

14. With him exploding with power

15. And with him being happy like nothing else