15 Times BTS’s V Smiled Straight At The Camera—And Completely Stole Our Hearts

#7 tho 😍

BTS‘s V is known for his adorable “box smile”, and it never looks better than when he flashes it straight at the camera! If you’ve ever wondered how it would feel like to be on the receiving end of that gorgeous smile, look no further than here. Prepare to have your hearts stolen when you view these 15 gifs of V smiling straight at you!

1. When he happened to glance up

2. When he winked at you

3. When he flashed his box smile

4. When he laughed out loud

5. When his smile got bigger and bigger

6. When he ran to you

7. When he noticed you standing there

8. When he shyly looked away

9. When he emphasized his cute cheeks

10. When he did one aegyo after another

11. When his smile went on and on

12. When he was an adorable bear

13. When he cheekily faced you

14. When he greeted you “hello”

15. When he smiled happily at you