15+ Times BTS’s Visual Line Took Our Breaths Away With Their Gorgeous Looks

#8 is hot.

BTS‘s Jin, Jungkook, and V are often called the group’s “visual line” because of their supreme good looks. And while they’re also masters of derp faces…

…the following photos and gifs serve as a reminder that they are, in fact, ultimate visuals. Check out some examples below!

1. When they were the boys next door

2. When they made a pictorial look like a family photo

3. When they showed off their shoes

4. When they did the “GO GO” point dance

5. When they rocked it out in a concert

6. When they had fun playing sports

7. When they posed for a brand deal

8. When V and Jin were hot in suits

9. When V and Jin were hot on stage

10. When V and Jin were the cutest and brightest pair

11. When Jungkook gave V a lift

12. When Jungkook and V were huggers

13. When Jungkook and V were huggers

14. When Jin and Jungkook walked by

15. When Jin and Jungkook laughed out loud

16. When Jin and Jungkook were father-son in a selca

17. And lastly, when the visual line made us swoon with their closeness