15 Times BTS Had Way Too Much Fun At Fansigns

For BTS, a fansign is just another excuse to get goofy.

1. When Jin and J-Hope monkeyed around

One time Jin put on a monkey headband and then had a hilarious interaction with J-Hope. J-Hope made it even funnier by acting like Jin was crazy every time his back way turned!


2. When V messed up his fan’s hair

V goofed around with an ARMY by flipping up her hair and waving it around. He might have kept up his impish antics all day if Jin hadn’t intervened!


3. When Dr. Jin made an appearance

One time, Jin brought his medical skills from the “Dope” MV to a fan meeting. He used to stethoscope to give BTS’s maknae an impromptu check-up.


4. When V and Jungkook attacked Jin for hitting a fan

When a jealous Jin knocked Jimin‘s picture stand away, he accidentally swatted it at a fan. In response, Jungkook twisted Jin’s nipple while V demanded to know why Jin had hit his “wife”!


5. When Jimin failed to catch the Suga

One time, Jimin amused himself by trying to “catch” his members with a plush pokeball. When he tried to capture Suga, Suga smacked the pokeball away then told Jimin to come back with a Master Ball!


6. When Jimin smooched Jungkook’s neck

At this same fansign, Jimin stroked Jungkook’s neck then pretended to kiss it after he pelted Jungkook with a pokeball.


7. When V doodled on Jimin with a marker

This moment from BTS’s rookie era is proof that V has been mischevious since the very beginning. At this fansign, V drew on Jimin’s arm at every opportunity!


8. When Jimin hit Jin for the cutest reason

Fans complimented this bashful cutie so much that he ended up hitting Jin to hide his shyness. In reply, Jin cried, “why did you hit me?!”, which only made Jimin even more embarrassed!


9. When J-Hope accidentally startled Jin with a money gun

Whenever these two are together hilarity is sure to happen. When J-Hope pulled the trigger on this toy money gun, Jin forgot all about taking a selfie!


10. When this little girl stole V’s attention

V absolutely adores kids, so when this little girl showed up he just had to scoop her up in his arms! V had the time of his life hanging out with her and was reluctant to let her go.


11. When J-Hope’s judgment prevented Jimin from taking selfies

J-Hope’s watchful eyes made Jimin feel self-conscious about his selfie-taking at this fan meeting. Jimin was so embarrassed that he shoved J-Hope away every time he looked over at him.


12. When Jimin couldn’t stop laughing at Jin’s dad joke

Jin made one of his typically punny jokes by combining “unbelievable” with “bubble” to make “unbeliebubble”. Jimin loved it so much that he continued to laugh long after the moment was over.


13. When Jungkook and Jin fought over chips

Fans know that Jungkook is hungry 24/7, so it’s no surprise that he nearly had a throwdown with Jin over a bag of snacks. Jin managed to wrestle the chips away from him, and Jungkook didn’t look too pleased about it!


14. When RM became the prettiest kitty you ever did see

BTS’s leader is a rapper, a braniac…and a kitten, if his fans demand it. RM happily did some aegyo for ARMY, even though he was probably cringing on the inside!


15. When Jin pretended to be ARMY

Jin went from member to member for fan service, but only J-Hope and V were happy to oblige him. Jungkook threatened to smack Jin, Suga turned away, and RM flat-out ignored him!