15+ Times Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon Flaunted Her Fit, Toned Abs In The Cutest Crop Tops

She’s so pretty in a crop top!

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon is a sexy queen in her stage outfits, but can especially pull of crop tops! Here are 15+ times Taeyeon was seen wearing a crop top, and had fans shook with her visuals and sense of style!

1. This fit is working for her!


2. Taeyeon in crop tops is a superior concept!


3. This denim crop top looks so good on her!


4. She looks amazing in this outfit!


5. Sexy Taeyeon is here to stay!


6. This cropped sweatshirt just elevates her visuals, right up to the top of your bias list!


7. This whole outfit is such a look!


8. She’s killin’ it in this crop top!


9. This casual stage outfit is legendary!


10. Taeyeon is slaying this cropped sweater like nobody else!


11. These photos of Taeyeon are so beautiful!


12. Taeyeon in white and a crop top is a double win for Taeyeon stans!


13. Her abs look so amazing this outfit!


14. This whole look is legendary!


15. This outfit does wonders for Taeyeon’s amazing physique!


16. Taeyeon is killin’ it in this all-black outfit!


17. This cropped sweater is so cute on her!


18. She’s slaying her casual fashion!


19. “Holiday” era Taeyeon is so iconic!

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