15+ Times GOT7 Was Totally Inappropriate… And Fans Loved It

GOT7 is never on their best behaviour, but iGOT7s don’t mind!

1. When Bambam said he touched a “man” in the mystery box


2. When Jackson did these questionable stretches with Youngjae


3. When JB mixed up his words and immediately regretted it.


4. Every time they made their audience wonder what kind of show they had paid to see


5. When the mystery box made Youngjae curse


6. When BamBam accidentally turned a word game from PG to 18+

During a round of the “initial game” BamBam unknowingly blurted out a sexual acronym. BamBam might not have known what it meant, but his members do!



7. When JB purposely turned a word game from PG to 18+

Right after BamBam’s blunder, JB kept the game rolling in the same direction by saying “sexy”. His members burst out laughing in surprise his word choice, but JB simply asked, “Why not?”. Shameless!


8. When Jackson asked Mark “why are you so ‘daddy’?”


9. When they twerked to “Work”


10. When GOT7 tried to cover up Mark’s swearing

After Mark nearly swore, the other members got goofy while saying appropriate words that sounded like the inappropriate word he nearly said.


11. When Jinyoung got disciplined by his seniors

The mystery box game has a way of making players forget their inhibitions. In Jinyoung‘s case, that loss of inhibitions resulted in swearing. As soon as he cursed, his 2PM labelmates shushed him up!


12. The “small and spicy pepper” team

When Yugyeom named his team, he wasn’t thinking about the fact that the Korean word for “pepper” can be used to refer to male genitalia. BamBam, on the other hand, picked up on it immediately and called Yugyeom’s choice “weird”. To keep him from elaborating, Jinyoung squeezed BamBam’s arm.


13. When Yugyeom covered this NSFW Chris Brown song


14. When Yugyeom sang this line from Rihanna song

Yugyeom looks sweet on the outside, but his sexy song choices bring out his bad side!


15. When Mark sassed Jackson during a live broadcast


16. When BamBam flashed the camera