15 Times GOT7’s Jinyoung Was The Boyfriend We’ll Never Have

It’s fun to dream sometimes!

Okay, so your chances of dating GOT7‘s Jinyoung are slim to none. But sometimes his boyfriend vibe is so strong, it’s impossible not to imagine yourself by his side. Here are 15 times Jinyoung was the boyfriend we’ll sadly never have!

1. Your beach dates would be so romantic

2. And you’d go to the most fun places together

3. He’d serenade you all the time

4. He’d wake you up with delicious breakfasts

5. And help you build that tricky IKEA furniture

6. Even errands like grocery shopping would be fun with him

7. He’d secretly snap photos of you

8. Your dinner dates would be delicious

9. Imagine seeing the blossoms fall together in spring

10. He’s so good with kids

11. He’d buy you flowers

12. And help you study

13. You could steal all his coziest hoodies

14. He’d send you the cutest selfies when you miss him

15. Whoever gets to date Jinyoung is a very lucky person!