15 Times Idols Didn’t Give A F**k About Airport Fashion

These idols clearly didn’t care about fashion on these flights.

Airport fashion is a big deal in South Korea, with many idols going to great lengths to ensure their outfit is stylish as fans and the paparazzi alike take picture after picture… but then there are others who either were too rushed to care about fashion, or they just don’t give a damn, preferring to be comfortable rather than fashionable.


Check out 14 times K-Pop idols weren’t too worried about what they wore to the airport that day!

1.  When Heechul (Super Junior) wore this colorful, conflicted ensemble.


2. When fashionista and former Girls’ Generation member Jessica wore sweatpants and a leather jacket, surprising everyone with her mix-and-matched look.


3. When T.O.P (BIGBANG) seemed a bit confused about the weather, turning up in ear muffs with sunglasses.


4. When Changsub (BTOB) lost a game… and was forced to wear this as punishment.



5. That time G-Dragon (BIGBANG) must have woken up late and thrown this outfit together.


6. When former Kara member Goo Hara wore sweatpants and an oversized shirt.


7. When half the Running Man cast lost a game and had to wear winter clothes to the airport as punishment.


8. When Siwon (Super Junior) chose comfort over style in these oversized pants and flip flops.


9. When D.O. and Suho (EXO) wanted to match… everything.


10. When G-Dragon stopped caring about his iconic fashion status.


11. And when he didn’t have to breathe?


12. That time Youngjae (GOT7) was so rushed he wore two different shoes and didn’t notice… or care.


13. When Sungyeol (INFINITE) lost a bet and had to wear a bathrobe to the airport.


14. When former EXO member Kris Wu wore this slightly frightening combo.


15. When former KARA member Jiyoung rocked this casual skirt-hoodie combo.


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