15 Times Irene Made Fans Drop Dead With Her Fashion

Irene has such a trendy sense of fashion that wows her fans all the time!

1. Black & White Irene

Irene can make the simplest black and white outfit look ridiculously sexy.


2. LBD Irene

Irene has every girls’ dream fit of the “little black dress”.


3. Fancy Irene

Irene’s off shoulder mini dress for this awards ceremony was absolutely stunning.


4. Leather Jacket Irene

Irene can make a leather jacket seem so classy and sexy.


5. Judy Irene

Irene’s off-shoulder top matched with the choker really wowed the fans, but the Judy hat is what makes this picture A+.


6. Furry Irene

Irene’s most fierce look yet has fans dropping their jaws.


7. Dolled-Up Irene

Irene looks like a Barbie doll in this perfectly color-coordinated outfit!


8. Off-Shoulder Irene

Irene grabbed everyone’s attention when she showed up in this off-shoulder top.


9. Violet Irene

Irene looks gorgeous, with her purple hair, pink cheeks, red lips, and the flowy black top.


10. Boxy-Fit Irene

Irene rocked this oversized sweater look, making pastel purple the new sexy cute color!


11. Floral Irene

Irene looked like a princess at the airport, in this silky floral print dress.


12. Boyfriend-Shirt Irene

Irene’s I-threw-on-my-boyfriend’s-shirt look is spot on.


13. Red Irene

Irene defines the color red, in this photo shoot. She is red, and red is sexy!


14. Beret Irene

Irene in a beret looks like a fairy tale illustration.


15. Velvety Irene

Irene looks super classy in velvet!

Red Velvet