10+ Times K-Pop Idols Surprised Fans on Camera

These surprises will have you screaming and crying along with the fans.

1. GOT7

Buzzfeed set up this exciting surprise for American IGOT7s, who thought they were taking a test to see which GOT7 member they are.


The fans there were also surprised with tickets to that night’s GOT7 show!


Watch the full surprise here!


2. Weki Meki’s Choi Yoojung

A fan’s mom wrote into Dingo’s Well Done Today series and had Yoojung come surprise her high schooler daughter, as her daughter was working hard to take of her while she battled cancer in the hospital.


Yoojung surprised her with mango smoothies and lent her an open ear to talk about the fan’s struggles with worrying about her mom.


Afterwards, Yoojung took her out shopping for matching outfits and they had a fun time in the karaoke!


Here’s the full heart-warming episode!


3. EXO’s Chanyeol

An EXO-L went on Same Bed, Different Dreams, as her mother would always scold her for obsessing over celebrities. It was revealed that the daughter used her love for EXO and Chanyeol to deal with her depression and gain friends at school.


As her bias is Chanyeol, the show invited him over to surprise the fan! Her mother cried a lot as she realized how much her daughter loves EXO.


4. iKON’s Bobby

Bobby surprised an iKONIC at her part-time job and helped her out with closing the bakery down.


Then he took her out on a date for chicken and beer at Hangang River while listening to her concerns about life after high school.


Bobby even walked her home and gifted her with many presents, including his own jacket!



While in Japan, they surprised two fans who were doing a fake interview about how much they love TWICE.


They snuck up on them during the interview and showered them with love!


6. VIXX’s N

N surprised a Starlight who is busy working at a PC cafe while attending beautician school at night. He pretended to be a customer who had come to get his nails done!


While she did his nails, the discussed many hardships going on in her life and N gave her life advice as well.


She admitted she had never made it into a fansign since she had to save money for beautician school. N prepared a special 1-on-1 fansign for her!



GFRIEND went on a special mission to catch their “lost” fans, so they pretended to be people who wanted to buy the GFRIEND merchandise the fans were selling.

They planned to wait nearby at a park where the “lost” fan was meeting the producer who was pretending to be the buyer.


It turns out she hadn’t left the fandom, she was just selling the extra albums she purchased to enter a fansign!


They realized it was a fan they have seen at fansigns many times and enjoyed the picnic together!


8. BTS

When BTS went on the Ellen show, they prepared a special surprise for the fans that came to watch their filming.


The fans thought they were speaking to the camera about how much they love BTS but were shocked to the see the boys themselves!



SISTAR set out to surprise these high school boys who were practicing a medley of their songs!


Their chemistry was flawless and they looked like one idol group!


The whole school was shocked, to say the least.


10. Shinhwa

Shinhwa featured on Happy Together’s corner in which singers hide at a karaoke while waiting for regular citizens to sing their songs. If their song is sung, their team gets to leave work early!


Luckily, two of their fans came in and began singing their songs immediately. Minwoo and Andy ran in the karaoke room to surprise the fans and sing with them!


11. Girls’ Generation

Everyone knows that military mandatory service is very tough on Korean men, so Girl’s Generation prepared a surprise performance on Christmas for a group of Korean soldiers!


Of course, the girls prepared lovely performances for the fans.

They also made it possible for one special fan to receive an extremely precious gift.


One half-Japanese, half Korean soldier was exempt from military duty but decided to enlist as it is the duty of Korean men. This was done in honour of his Korean father who had passed away.

The girls made it possible for the soldier’s family to visit! It was truly a Christmas miracle.


12. Red Velvet

Irene and Seulgi heard their song playing while filming in Thailand, and went up to the store door to hear closer.


The worker recognized her and began to cry as she was playing their songs since she is a huge RV fan.


13. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

GOT7’s Bambam has been a big fan of G-Dragon ever since he was still in Thailand.  While he was MC-ing on M!Countdown, BIGBANG had their comeback.


BamBam even wrote G-Dragon a love letter, which Daesung read out loud to him.


G-Dragon must have thought he was so cute, as he surprised Bambam with a big hug!