15+ Times MONSTA X Got All Fun And Flirty With Monbebes

They definitely know how to make fans’ hearts flutter!

MONSTA X has been really active on their group’s respective Twitter account, posting photos of them together, updating fans every now and then, and even replying to their fans’ Tweets!

They surely know how to make hearts flutter because they are so good at doing it and here are some of their most fun and flirty interactions with fans on social media!

1. When Shownu assured them that he’s always eating well

2. When Kihyun won’t accept just being in the friendzone

3. When IM made sure this Monbebe had a good night’s sleep

4. When Kihyun said he missed Monbebes

5. When Jooheon claimed that Monsta X is the number one in their heart

6. When Kihyun guaranteed this fan that they’ll always be there for her

7. When Kihyun slammed the fan’s compliment with an even sweeter one

8. When Kihyun made sure Monbebes go to sleep early

9. When IM chose not to rest, to get a kiss

10. When Shownu laughed at a fan because she was asking obvious questions

11. When Minhyuk opened up his heart to Monbebes

12. When IM made sure this Monbebes knew they’re his favorite

13. When Shownu said he loved this fan

14. When Kihyun reminded this Monbebe that she is perfect too

15. When Kihyun sneaked one last reply before he went back to work

16. When Kihyun was sorry because he had to hide a secret from Monbebes

17. When Jooheon assured Monbebes that he’s there for them and that he loves them