15 Times Red Velvet Irene’s Left Ear Proved That Even Her “Imperfections” Are Perfect

She really is flawless.

Facial symmetry is often considered beautiful—but Red Velvet’s Irene proves it’s not necessary. You may think her face is flawlessly symmetrical, but she actually has one difference on her left side: a notably larger ear. Of course, in true Irene style, even her one “imperfection” is truly perfect. Don’t believe it? Take a look at 15 times her left ear was endearingly beautiful to fans.

1. Once you see it, you can’t unsee it

2. But Irene shows that ear off with pride—as she should!

3. It’s one reason fans love to snap her from this angle

4. Her left ear often becomes the star of the show

5. Aside from that, her face is almost perfectly symmetrical

6. And yet, Irene’s left ear isn’t a flaw at all

7. Even her endorsement brands love it

| Damiani

8. And fans have been obsessed for years

9. Who can blame them?

10. Only Irene could make an ear this cute

11. Or this classy

12. She often accentuates it with asymmetric earrings, too

13. Her “imperfection” only makes her more perfect

14. So we’re glad she never hides away from it!

15. No wonder fans affectionately call her “Dumbo”

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