15 Faces of Derp, Presented By Red Velvet Wendy

Red Velvet’s Wendy has such a beautiful face, so how is it possible for her to be the master derp of all the derps?

1. The Yuck Derp

2. The Eww Derp

3. The Eyes Wide Derp

4. The You’re Makin’ Me Cry Derp

5. The AHHH Derp

6. The Happy Derp

7. The Surprised Derp

8. The Scared Derp

9. The Come At Me Bro Derp

10. The Sad-Happy Derp

11. The Ooooh Derp

12. The Laughing Derp

13. The Mind Blown Derp

14. The Disgusted Derp

15. The Hyper Derp