15 Times Red Velvet’s Yeri Showed Off Her Toned Abs In The Prettiest Crop Tops

Yeri is a whole queen in crop tops!

Red Velvet‘s Yeri is a gorgeous idol, who has literally grown up from a baby to a lady right in front of the group’s loving Reveluvs! She’s grown up really well, and every time fans see her abs, they’re always shook at how her visuals have matured! Here are 15 times Yeri wore a crop top, and surprised fans with her lean, toned abs!

1. She’s gorgeous!


2. She’s slaying this fit!


3. Her abs are crazy!


4. Fit queen!


5. Blonde Yeri in a crop top is superior!


6. She’s beautiful in this red crop top!


7. “Really Bad Boy” era Yeri is so pretty!


8. We are here for athletic Yeri!


9. She’s killin’ it in sportswear!


10. Such a beauty!


11. Her visuals are unreal!


12. Yeri is a whole cutie in this crop top!


13. This crop top looks so amazing on her!


14. Another one for blonde Yeri in a crop top!


15. So pretty!

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