15 Times Red Velvet’s Seulgi Convinced Us She’d Be The Perfect Girlfriend

None of us are worthy of Seulgi, but it’s fun to imagine dating her!

Seems like being a main dancer and lead vocalist of Red Velvet just isn’t enough for Red Velvet‘s Seulgi—she’s also become the group’s biggest heart-stealer. Time and time again she’s proved she’s the girl anyone would dream of dating. From romantic dinner dates to simply grocery shopping, here are 15 times Seulgi accidentally made everyone think about how their lives would be with her as their girlfriend.

1. With her photography skills, she’d take the best pictures of you

2. And she’s so photogenic, you wouldn’t need much talent to return the favor

3. Let’s admit it, everyone loves an artistic girlfriend (especially someone who can draw as well as Seulgi)


4. Every time you buy her plushies, she’d thank you by taking cute selfies with them

5. Even grocery shopping would be a great adventure

6. Whether you’re adventuring at a theme park…

7. …or out in the mountains, Seulgi would make it fun

8. Your beach dates would be a blast…

9. …even in the winter

10. You’d help her keep her Instagram feed updated (easy!)

11. And she’d help you pick books to read

12. Your dinner dates would be too romantic to handle

13. And breakfast wouldn’t fall behind either

14. Spontaneous train trips would be essential

15. And they’d all lead to the prettiest places (almost as pretty as her)

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