Here Are 15+ Times Somi Showed Off Her Endless Legs

She’s a long-legged queen

Somi is a gorgeous queen who is full of talent and full of visuals! Along with her stunningly defined abs, Somi also has gorgeous long legs!

Here are 15+ times Somi showed off her endless legs.

1. She’s gorgeous from head to toe!

| @ENNIK/Instagram

2. Her legs are endless!

3. She’s got the perfect hourglass figure


4. Legs for days!


5. Her figure and stunning visuals allow her to look good in everything

6. No wonder why she’s so fit and tall!


7. Her athleticism definitely plays a part in her impressive physique

8. Her long legs look great in skinny jeans

9. We love a hard-working queen


10. She’s got that model pose down!

11. long-legged queen

12. She’s gotta stretch those long legs


13. She looks amazing in heels


14. When her legs are too long to fit the frame

15. Long legs always look great in some leggings


16. Her body is goals

17. She can even pull off a glamorous dress in slides


18. She’s can turn casual clothing look high fashion


19. She’s actually too adorable


20. They look especially endless at this angle