15+ Times Stray Kids’ Felix Made ASMR Relaxing And Fun

His ASMR videos are always filled with sincerity.

Stray KidsFelix always keeps a smile on his face. It seems to become brighter, however, at the mention of ASMR. Not only does he have the perfect soothing voice to make ASMR videos, but he also manages to inject relaxing stories and personal thoughts into each episode of STAY FM, leaving listeners feeling less stressed and full of warmth.

Take a look at these 15+ times that Felix connected with fans through ASMR.

1. He’s definitely been practicing!

2. He teaches useful phrases and slang.

3. Stroking the microphone has become a staple.

4. He concentrates on every little tapping sound.

5. There’s usually a storytime.

6. Both Felix and the decorated room always look great!

7. He’s creative in giving listeners the tingles.

8. Not a single prop is forgotten.

9. It’s both an audio and a visual experience.

10. Sometimes he treats fans with his deep singing voice.

11. He talks about his passions, like brownies!

12. Things don’t always go according to plan.

13. Eating ASMR featuring many meringues.

14. He’s sweeter than the desserts.

15. Felix emphasizes the importance of compliments.

16. The fails are included for fun.

17. His ASMR skills are topnotch!

It’s impossible to have anything but sweet dreams after re-living these moments.

Stray Kids