15 Times Weki Meki’s Doyeon Impressed With Her Incredibly Tiny Waist

She’s gorgeous!

Weki Meki‘s Kim Doyeon is known for her gorgeous visuals and amazing proportions, and is also praised for her incredibly tiny waist! Here are 15 times Doyeon flaunted her tiny waist (and toned abs!) and had fans falling in love with her visuals even more!

1. In an all-white outfit


2. In a blue, black and white striped crop top


3. In a white and black checkered top


4. In an all-black outfit


5. In this black crossed crop top


6. In this red and white crop top


7. In this adorable blue and white striped top


8. In this blue cropped sweater


9. In this mesh sleeved top


10. In this black crop top


11. In this black form-fitting top and skirt


12. Similarly, this grey fit also highlights her proportions nicely!


13. In this black shirt and white skirt combo


14. This green crop top


15. In this white crossed crop top

Weki Meki