15 Tweets Celebrating The Anniversary Of V’s “Singularity” With #2YearsWithSingularity

It’s still one of BTS’s most popular solo songs to date, and for good reason!

May 6, 2018 was the official release date of V‘s highly successful single, “Singularity”, as part of BTS‘s Love Yourself: Tear album. It was V’s first song to hit 100 million streams on Spotify, and just the 4th solo Korean song to hit the milestone at all!

In order to properly celebrate the 2 year anniversary of its release, fans have taken to social media with the hashtag #2YearsWithSingularity. Check out what fans are saying!

1. This tweet about how much of a true artist V is

2. And this one about how emotionally raw he can be

3. Who else became a stan after hearing it?

4. It truly was a masterpiece

5. Mood

6. These stunning photos deserve to be seen by everyone

7. Anyone else lucky enough to see it this many times?

8. Just. Stunning.

9. A reminder of V’s duality…

10. How did someone this cute make such a mature, elegant hit?

11. Even BTS themselves couldn’t stop praising him

12. That feel when you’re expecting science but become an ARMY instead…

13. When even non-fans were impressed

14. Seriously, the duality is unreal

15. And finally, a reminder that V couldn’t have done it entirely on his own!