Here Are 15 Tweets That Prove Everyone Needs More Of SEVENTEEN’s BooSeokSoon In Their Lives

How can anyone not love SEVENTEEN’s gag trio?

SEVENTEEN‘s iconic gag trio BooSeokSoon, comprised of members Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi, had their debut and last comeback with “Just Do It” in March of 2018. Fans have long been asking for a comeback from the three hilarious and talented boys, and are hoping that recent teasers and hints might indicate that they’ll be getting one within the year! In the meantime, here are 15 tweets from fans with great reasons why a comeback from these guys is seriously needed.

1. Who wouldn’t want more of this?

2. Is anyone as entertaining as these three?

3. How can they compliment each other so perfectly?

4. Never forget

5. The fact that outgoing, chaotic Seungkwan is the most “normal” of the trio…

6. We can hope, right??

7. Yep!

8. Okay but how is a gag trio allowed to have such good visuals too??

9. They really are lovely too…

10. 100%

11. Everyone really needs more of this cuteness

12. Never forget this, either

13. But it will be a fantastic end

14. Who agrees?

15. And finally, this honest truth