These 15 Tweets That Sum Up How Thirsty Everyone Is For MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Will Never Not Be Funny

#5 just proves that whatever Hwasa does can be translated as “sexy”.

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa started to trend ever since she wore her red jumpsuit during the group’s performance for MAMA 2018.

But did you know that she’s been rocking the sexy, confident vibe even during their debut days?

It doesn’t matter when Hwasa’s sexiness began to take off, though — what matters is that millions of people have already noticed her sexiness and are already expressing their thirst for this gorgeous queen.

Here are 10+ tweets that sum up how everyone is thirsty for Hwasa.

1. A thirst tweet isn’t a thirst tweet without a backside shot

2. How about highest “queen” energy, for a change?

3. It’s one of life’s mysteries

4. You all know Sunday is church day, right?

5. Everything she does becomes magically sexy

6. In need of holy water? Call 888-FAKE-NUMBER now

7. Hwasa’s so sexy, she can make the mundane jobs sound hot

8. Hide your women, Hwasa’s coming for them

9. If you didn’t replay this video, you’re lying

10. She’s bringing sexy back, yeah~!

11. Hwasa’s the type of girl who can step on you and you’ll say “thanks”

12. A confident queen is a sexy queen

13. Hwasa can also prove that you don’t need to wear revealing clothes to be sexy

14. This is the only reason why you’d wait for Hwasa, after all

15. Honestly, same