15 Types Of Concepts In K-Pop That Fans Would Love To See

Whether new ideas or under-used, these unique concepts would be awesome to see!

K-Pop is known for it’s fun, unique concepts, though sometimes when one type starts doing well, too many groups might start jumping on the bandwagon until it’s no longer as enjoyable or interesting. A recent example of this is the girl crush concept. While it’s still definitely a great concept, it’s being done by so many groups that it’s starting to get old to some fans. So, K-Pop fans took to a forum to discuss some concepts that they’d like to see more of in the genre! Whether they’ve been done before and are just under-used or are completely new, these 15 concepts would all be refreshing to hear in K-Pop.

1. A “BABYMETAL”-type song

Can you imagine a cute girl group like TWICE or OH MY GIRL doing a heavy metal song with vocals like BABYMETAL? The combination of metal and cute would be iconic.

2. A magical girl concept

The magical girl genre in anime and manga is highly popular, with girls possessing various magical powers to defeat evil and darkness. More of this kind of concept in K-Pop would be amazing, and probably popular like the current girl crush concepts that are so widely used.

3. A retro girl-gang concept

This sort of “vintage” style is highly under-used in K-Pop, but with its recent popularity in Western culture, maybe it will start being seen more in K-Pop as well.

4. A traditional Eastern Asian-style song

Taking instruments, sounds, dance, and aesthetics from traditional East Asian culture has been used in some songs, such as “Shangri La” by VIXX and “Idol” by BTS, both of which were highly successful. This blend of modern and traditional sounds would be a breath of fresh air for K-Pop!

5. A pure girl band concept/group

A couple male rock bands in K-Pop, such as DAY6 and F.T. Island, have become very successful, so why wouldn’t a girl rock band be as successful too? Someone needs to get on this!

6. A vapor wave-type song

This isn’t an unheard of genre found in K-Pop, but it is a unique sound that is somewhat under-used and could probably become even more popular, especially if it incorporated more of what makes the genre unique, such as internet-themed visual effects, anime, and glitch art.

7. A disco-style song

Not every K-Pop group could probably pull off this concept well, but it would be fun to see more throwbacks to this unique genre that was so popular in America in the 1970s!

8. More city pop-style songs

Somewhat similar to disco style, this genre appeared in Japan in the 1970s and was inspired by sounds of funk, boogie, and soft rock in America. It would be cool to see it spread more to K-Pop too!

9. A mature, Moulin Rogue-type concept

With heavy tango sounds, orchestral instruments, and mature, elegant concepts and dance, this type of music could probably really take off if produced well!

10. A baking-type concept

While silly and perhaps an unusual sort of concept, people love food, so a cooking or baking type of concept might be really funny and entertaining for a lot of people!

11. A full orchestral concept

While there are plenty of K-Pop songs that make use of some orchestral instruments, a song that has the entirety of the soundtrack made with that kind of style would be amazing!

12. More fantasy concepts

Telling a straight-up fairy tale or including elements of the fantasy genre in a K-Pop concept would likely do well in this day and age when people are really into things such as Dungeons & Dragons and Game of Thrones!

13. A male galactic/mystical-style concept

While groups such as Cosmic Girls have this type of concept down, it would be unique and interesting to see it done by a boy group!

14. More jazzy-type songs

As MAMAMOO has become more popular, so have their past jazz-style songs! They haven’t done this type of concept recently as they used to, so it would be nice to see other girl groups try it out too.

15. More Runway-style songs

There’s a certain style of music that sounds like you could walk a runway on them, such as KNK‘s “Sunset” or CIX‘s “Movie Star”. More of this kind of sound would be unique and fun to strut and pose to!

Source: Forum