15 Uncoordinated BTS Moments That Will Make You Feel Athletic AF

Even BTS gets butterfingers.

On stage, BTS performs with incredible finesse and skill, but off-stage? Well, let’s just say they shouldn’t quit their day jobs.


1. When every single member failed to play badminton.


2. When Jungkook completely messed up a chest-bump…


3. …twice in a row!


4. When J-Hope screamed his way through this obstacle course.


5. When V took this leap of faith.


6. When Jimin kicked himself out of a chair.


7. When V turned this ride into a Slip ‘N Slide.


8. When Jungkook head-butted this ball in the wrong direction.


9. When J-Hope knocked himself and Jungkook over.


10. When V took a birdy to the head.


11. When Suga found a new way to skateboard.


12. When J-Hope and V put their heads together…literarally.


13. When RM tripped over his own feet.


14. When Jin invented a new form of dance: bucket ballet.


15. When RM fell with style.


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