15 Underrated BTS Songs That Should Be Listened To More

What are some of your favorite underrated songs?

With BTS‘s new comeback just around the corner, let’s take some time to appreciate some of their underrated yet amazing songs. This list can range from songs from their albums, song covers, solo and unit groups. Let’s take a look at how far these boys have come.


1. Vote, 2012

Newer fans might not be familiar with this song but it was a music video written and produced by RM when he was just 19 years old. The original beat of the song is from Kanye West’s “Power.” This song encourages young people to vote stating that “vote is yours, but the future is ours.”


2. A Typical Trainee’s Christmas, 2012

This song was from BTS pre-debut as they talk about their hardships of being a trainee.


3. Adult Child, 2013

This song features RM, Suga, and Jin as they talk about their feelings of becoming an adult.


4. Graduation Song, 2013

This song is sung by Jungkook, Jimin, and J-Hope as they sing about graduating school. This goes along to the best of “Young, Wild & Free.”


5. 95 Graduation, 2014

V and Jimin, both born in 1995, sang this song together to celebrate their graduation.


6. Hip Hop Lover, 2014

This song was written by producer Pdogg, RM, Suga, and J-Hope and is rap song expressing their love for hip-hop and who they get their inspiration from.


7. Blanket Kick, 2014

This is a cute song released from their Dark & Wild album from 2014. The choreography is really cute too!


8. So 4 More, 2014

This song was released to celebrate their 1st anniversary as a group. And to think that they are now world stars!


9. Lost Stars, 2015

This is a cover by Jungkook of Adam Levine‘s song, “Lost Stars.”


10. Fantastic, 2015

This song was released as a collaboration digital single featuring Mandy Ventrice. This single was released to celebrate Marvel’s “Fantastic 4” coming to Korea.


11. In The Mood For Love, 2015

This song is creative in that they use a basketball as a metaphor for growing up with a basketball bouncing sound as the beat of the song.


12. P.D.D, 2015

This is collaboration with RM and Warren G. RM wrote the lyrics while Warren G made the beat. You can hear a lot of influence of Nate Dogg, who is known for working a lot with Warren G.


13. Awakening, 2015

This is a solo song by RM that expresses his success and his character. Older fans call this one a favorite as it shows a more raw side of him.


14. I know, 2016

This is a duo song of RM and Jungkook. This one features RM singing and it shows that he can sing too!


15. Autumn Outside The Post Office, 2018

This is Jin’s cover of Yoon Do Hyun’s song, “Autumn Outside The Post Office.” Jin’s voice matches well with the melody of the song, making it a great song to listen to on a cool fall evening.


What are some of your favorite underrated songs by BTS? Let us know!