15+ Unedited Moments Of IVE From Their “The Prom Queens” Concert That Show Off Their Stunning IRL Visuals

Their IRL visuals are unmatched!

On February 11, KST, IVE held the first night of their first fan concert The Prom Queens at Olympic Hall in Seoul. As expected, the group stunned fans with their talent and gorgeous visuals during the show! Here are unedited moments of each member that show what they look like in real life!

1. Yunjin

Imagine seeing her this close-up!

2. Gaeul

She looks like a princess!

3. Rei

These fans were so lucky!

4. Wonyoung

She made sure to give everyone her attention!

5. Liz

Her dimple. 😍

6. Leeseo

What a sweetheart!

7. Yunjin and Wonyoung

A pretty girl next to a pretty girl.

8. Leeseo

9. Yunjin

Her legs are so long!

10. Wonyoung and Leeseo

11. Rei

They’re all enjoying the concert so much!

12. Gaeul

She’s so happy to see all the fans!

13.  Yunjin

14. Wonyoung

15. Liz

| @jumpjumpkiki/Twitter

| @jumpjumpkiki/Twitter

16. Rei and Leeseo

17. Wonyoung and Liz

Our two prom queens!

18. Gaeul

Oh my, oh my God.

19. Group

Congratulations on your first concert!