These 15 Unforgettable Casual Outfits Prove The8 Is One Of SEVENTEEN’s Style Icons

The8 can pull off any look.

SEVENTEEN‘s The8: lead dancer, b-boy, martial artist, style icon. The8 loves fashion, and it really shows in his casual style. Every time he sets foot in the airport, Carats can’t wait to see what iconic look he’ll come up with next. These 15 of his most iconic fits prove he’s definitely one of the group’s biggest style icons.

1. This bright orange jacket look

2. This neon green look

3. This street style look

4. This pastel blue look

5. This soft cardigan look

6. This Yves Saint Lauren look

7. This statement hoodie look

8. This unique jacket look

9. This boy next door look

10. This all-black look

11. This bowler hat look

12. This suave Fendi look

13. This painted jacket look

14. This sleeveless look

15. This statement shirt look