Here Are 15 Of The Most Visually Stunning K-Pop Performances, Determined By Fans

All of these are breathtaking.

Pretty much every live K-Pop stage is impressive in its own right, but there are some that stick in fans’ minds as being iconic, flawless, and visually stunning. Recently, fans discussed on a forum about the stages that they find to have these traits more than most, and they came up with several different ideas. Here are 15 of the top choices.

1. This “Shangri La” performance by VIXX

The aesthetics of the music video for “Shangri La” alone are stunning, but VIXX made fans even more breathless by the flawless and beautiful live performance of the song. Between the traditional clothing, fans, perfectly synced dancing, and beautiful vocals, this is definitely a stunner.

2. This “You and I” performance by Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher is known for the members’ incredible live dancing and singing, and the rain pouring during this stunning performance just made the whole thing even more magical and impressive. Just watch the audience’s reactions!

3. BTS’s full MMA 2018 performance

Not only is this performance 20 minutes long, the entire length of it is full of impressive dancing, fun stages, bright and colorful visuals, and unique accessories and set pieces. It’s absolutely stunning to watch!

4. This “Famous” performance by SHINee’s Taemin

Taemin’s dancing skills are on a level all on their own, and this “Famous” performance shows that off clearly. His backup dancers are equally as impressive, which makes the whole stage just that much more incredible.

5. This “El Dorado” performance by EXO

The lighting and stage pieces used for this performance give the whole thing a unique, ethereal glow, with each member far enough apart that they are almost all in a world of their own. The imagery used on the screen behind them makes the whole thing even more beautiful.

6. This “Genie” performance by Girls’ Generation

This performance of “Genie” is famous for a reason, and is still the K-Pop performance with the highest rating views on a musical show broadcast. Everything from the outfits, the unique setting on the helipad, the beautiful weather, and the girls’ flawless performing made this performance iconic.

7. This “Navillera” and “Rough” performance by GFRIEND

The visuals between each of the songs performed on this stage were vastly different, but both were beautiful in their own ways.  The stage was absolutely stunning and magical, and the girls in their white dresses were equally as so, pulling off the dancing and vocals flawlessly.

8. This “Butterfly” performance by LOONA

The stage for this performance might have just been a regular island in the crowd set-up, but the girls’ performance in and of itself was stunning enough that they really didn’t need anything fancier.

9. This “Last Romeo” performance by INFINITE

INFINITE, back in their more active days, were known by fans to put on some of the best performances with the most impressive choreographies, and this stage shows just that. Between the gorgeous set-up and the members’ fantastic stage presence, this performance is stunning.

10. This “Good Evening” performance by SHINee

SHINee is another group known for frequently putting on stunning live stages, and this “Good Evening” performance was no different. Even though the dance was overall simpler than they often are with this group, the vocals and emotions expressed in this stage were beautiful.

11. This “Mask” performance by Stellar

Stellar was an extremely underrated group, who always performed with near-flawless vocals and stunning visuals. The nude-colored outfits in this performance were perfect to show off their raw talent that didn’t require anything flashy or bold, and the unanticipated rain just added to the performance.

12. This “Wake Me Up” performance by TWICE

TWICE members have fantastic stage presence, and the use of the dramatic floating stage just made them seem even more powerful and skilled, since it would require a lot of balance to dance so well on a moving surface!

13. This “How People Move” performance by Akdong Musician

Akdong Musician are known more for their beautiful vocals than for their dancing, but this stage showed that they are capable of doing both and pulling them off amazingly! The fun jazzy style, clothing, and stage set-up all matched incredibly well.

14. This “Stay” performance by BLACKPINK

While BLACKPINK are known for their dancing as well as vocals, this performance of “Stay” showed that they don’t need flashy movements to put on a beautiful show. The pretty stage and gorgeous vocals easily make this one of their most well-known performances.

15. This “Loser” performance by BIGBANG

The unique rotating stage used for this performance added a fun twist to this solemn song, and the members used it well to interact with the audience and add interesting movement to an otherwise dance-free song.

Source: Forum