These Are The 15 Youngest Male K-Pop Idols In the Industry Right Now

The young cuties have immense talent!

The youngest female K-Pop idols have already been determined, so now it’s the boys’ turn! These young idols started training to be in the industry at a very young age, and debuted at an age younger than the average idol. Many of them are still in their school-age years! Check out these 15 youngest male idols and how talented they already are.

15. Taeyoung (CRAVITY): Born January 2, 2003 (17 years old)

Taeyoung is a vocalist in CRAVITY, and was actually an intern at SM Entertainment at one time. He passed auditions for several different companies before he joined Starship Entertainment, and his hobbies include doing laundry and playing games. He’s reportedly in charge of “smiling” in the group.

14. Woojin (TEEN TEEN): Born April 7, 2003 (17 years old)

Woojin is the oldest member of the 3-member group TEEN TEEN, and acts as the lead rapper, lead vocalist, lead dancer, and visual. He trained to be an idol for 9 months, and his other hobbies are exercising, watching movies, and playing with his younger siblings.

13. Taekhyeon (1the9): Born July 28, 2003 (16 years old)

Taekhyeon is the main rapper, vocalist, and face of the group, and placed 5th on the survival show UNDER 19 that formed 1the9. He’s been acting since he was 6 years old, and has appeared in several Korean movies and dramas. He’s the mood maker of the group, and also makes a good MC.

12. Seongmin (CRAVITY): Born August 1, 2003 (16 years old)

Seongmin is the vocalist and maknae of CRAVITY, and his role model is NCT‘s Jaehyun. He’s reportedly in charge of “cleanliness and purity” in CRAVITY. His hobbies include sleeping, drawing, doing calligraphy, watching movies, and listening to ASMR.

11. Minjae (MCND): Born August 23, 2003 (16 years old)

Minjae’s position in MCND is as the lead vocalist and lead dancer, and along with Castle J and Huijun, joined TOP Media in 2015. He admires EXO‘s Kai, and his hobbies include playing games and watching animated movies. His childhood dream was to become a soccer player, but he realized he sadly doesn’t have the skill for it, so pursued an idol career instead.

10. Huijun (MCND): Born October 7, 2003 (16 years old)

Huijun has the main vocalist and lead dancer position in MCND, and joined TOP Media in 2015. He knows Taekwondo, and his hobbies include listening to music, playing games, and watching movies and dramas. His childhood dream was to become an actor, and still hopes to be in a film someday.

9. Doyoung (Treasure): Born December 4, 2003 (16 years old)

Doyoung is a dancer and vocalist for Treasure, and he’s been training since 2015 when he was 11. He originally started dancing to lose weight and found that he really enjoyed it, and used to dance with fellow Treasure member Junkyu in a dance crew called Def Skool. His hobbies include skateboarding, swimming, and playing basketball.

8. Sungwon (1the9): Born December 18, 2003 (16 years old)

Sungwon acts as the main rapper, vocalist, and maknae of 1the9. He’s also the “happy virus” of the group, and his hobbies include writing song lyrics and going on walks. He placed 8th on the survival show UNDER 19.

7. Taesung (TEEN TEEN): Born December 19, 2003 (16 years old)

Taesung serves as the main vocalist and dancer of TEEN TEEN, and trained under Maroo Entertainment for just 3 months. Not a lot is known about him yet, but his other hobbies include exercising and playing games.

6. Haruto (Treasure): Born April 5, 2004 (16 years old)

Haruto is the rapper and visual of Treasure, and came from Japan to be in the group. His mother is reportedly a huge fan of BIGBANG, so they have a lot of their merchandise at home! He’s confident in his visuals in the group, and wants to become an “awesome rapper”.

5. Jinwoo (TEEN TEEN): Born September 13, 2004 (15 years old)

Jinwoo is the main rapper, main dancer, vocalist, and maknae of TEEN TEEN. He only trained for 5 months before debuting, and though not a lot is known about him yet, his hobbies include singing, playing soccer, and watching choreographies.

4. Jeongwoo (Treasure): Born September 28, 2004 (15 years old)

Jeongwoo is a vocalist in Treasure, and it’s said that he’s never missed a day of practice. He prides himself for having a powerful voice, and his hobbies include listening to music, eating, and fashion.

3. Dohyon (H&D, former X1): Born November 10, 2004 (15 years old)

While Dohyon served as the rapper and maknae of X1, after their disbandment, he moved on to debut with H&D in April of this year where he has the same position. He’s studied in both Japan and Denmark, and his hobbies include writing song lyrics, composing music, and playing the piano. He amazingly had only been rapping for 3 months before he was on Produce X 101, which he ranked 8th place on.

2. Win (MCND): Born December 19, 2004 (15 years old)

The second youngest male K-Pop idol right now is MCND’s Win, who has the lead rapper and maknae role in the group. He trained for 2 and a half years before debuting, though his childhood dream was to be a boxer! He enjoys drawing, and is called “Puppy” by the other members of MCND.

1. Junghwan (Treasure): Born February 18, 2005 (15 years old)

The current youngest idol in the K-Pop industry is Treasure’s Junghwan, who serves as the maknae and vocalist of the group. He was previously in the dance/Taekwondo group K-Tigers, and is thus great at acrobatics. He was also a child model that starred in many CFs, and he trained for 9 months to be an idol.