16 BTS Songs That Deserve Way More Love

Will you fall in love with these songs?

Ask any ARMY what their favorite BTS song is and they’ll have a hard time choosing. It’s not hard to blame them since the group has put out 97 songs with even more on the way in August. Unfortunately with so many fantastic songs, sometimes some of them just don’t get as much love as others. In no particular order, check out these songs that deserve a lot more love. And you never know, they may even become your new favorites!


1. “Satoori Rap”

Although this song has a message of unity and a ridiculously catchy beat, it sometimes goes overlooked for songs like “Ddaeng”. But if you’re craving a song that features the impressive skills of the rap line and want to hear a little bit of Korean dialect, give “Satoori Rap” a listen. It won’t let you down!


2. “Good Day”

You may not always think about branching out into K-Pop idols Japanese releases but if you do you will find gems like “Good Day”. It’s just a feel-good song that will bring a smile to your face!


3. “Cypher Pt. 1”

Not nearly as popular as “Cypher Pt 3: Killer” or “Cypher Pt 4”, the first installment of cypher kicked off the series. Not only that but the song will make you feel just as much of a badass as the other cyphers. On that note, you should also probably check out “Cypher Pt 2: Triptych” to feel the total effect of the cypher series!


4. “Jump”

Part of the group’s Skool Luv Affair album, “Jump” may get overshadowed by its fellow album song “Boy In Luv”  but its still an absolutely kicking song. With strong hip-hop vibes and lyrics that really do make you want to jump with BTS, “Jump” could be your new love!


5. “Intro: What Am I To You”

“What Am I To You” was the intro for BTS’s Young & Wild album. If you’ve never heard this one before or just forgot about it, give it another listen! RM’s strong raps mixed with a soft MV and lyrics about love will surely steal your heart.


6. “Miss Right”

Who wouldn’t want to be BTS’s Miss Right? This song will definitely have you falling for the boys all over again!


7. “Blanket Kick”

“Blanket Kick” is the perfect song to listen to when you remember a sweet moment with your crush or have a total fan moment freaking out at how awesome your idols are!


8. “Just One Day”

“Just One Day” was one of the group’s first songs that showed they could do different styles of songs besides hip-hop but it rarely gets listed as a fan favorite. But the song has more to offer than being one of the firsts in its category, the song is beyond sweet and the music video is equally as cute!


9. “Interlude: Wings”

Don’t forget the interludes! This particular interlude is completely pumping. It will make you want to dance and its lyrics will make you believe that you can do anything that you put your mind to!


10. “Path/Road”

A total hip-hop track that tells the story of BTS, who wouldn’t like this song? So if you’re a new fan and want to get to know the group a little bit more this is the perfect track for you! But it really doesn’t matter who listens to it. The track is really meant to be anyone’s jam!


11. “Danger”

While this one may be considered popular by some, other fans might disagree. And if you disagree it might be because you know that “Danger” is one of the group’s older tracks so newer fans may not have discovered the excellence that is “Danger”!


12. “Danger (Mo-Blue Mix)”

And if they haven’t discovered “Danger” than newer fans definitely haven’t found this hidden gem! If you needed a little bit more English to sing along with, then this is the “Danger” track for you. It keeps all the funky beats and strong chorus lines while adding a little bit something extra for international fans to sing along with.


13. “Like It (Slow Jam Remix)”

Who doesn’t love “Like It”? But this special remix completely changes the feeling of the song and adds just the right amount of sexy to make this one much different from the original.


14. “I Need U (Urban Mix)”

Speaking of remixes, this urban mix of “I Need U” is also a winner! And if you’ve never heard this one, you need to jump on it stat. We promise you won’t be disappointed!


15. “We On”

A strong bass line and sick raps make “We On” pretty unique. This song would fit perfectly within the cypher series with its message and awesome performance by the rap line but it also strongly features the vocal line, meaning its the best of both worlds.


16. “Sea”

Sometimes it seems like this hidden track is still hidden since many fans think other fans are sitting on this one. Even if it is hidden we’re going to bring it into the light because it totally deserves it! The song will make you feel all sorts of things, so definitely give it a listen.


Bonus: “Arirang”

While not strictly BTS’s song, their rendition of “Arirang” is beyond beautiful. Once you start listening to this song, you won’t be able to stop and will soon be singing along with them!