16 BTS Songs You Never Realized Made Featuring Appearances In K-Dramas

These cameos took ARMYs by surprise.

1. Hwarang – “Even If I Die It’s You”

“Even If I Die It’s You” is performed by and Jin and is part of the official Hwarang soundtrack. This song plays during a comical scene where Hwarang‘s star-studded cast has an impromptu dance practice.


2. Life On Mars – “FAKE LOVE” MV

This cameo really threw viewers for a loop. In this scene, which takes place in the 1980s, doctors use BTS‘s “FAKE LOVE” MV to try to wake the main character out of a coma. The oddest thing about this cameo may be the clip choices. One of the two clips used here is the iconic moment when Jungkook flashes his abs. If that doesn’t bring you out of a coma, then maybe nothing will!


3. Goblin – “Boy in Luv”

In this scene, BTS is directly mentioned during a conversation between two characters. Secretary Kim gives Duk-Hwa a list of “gifts young women prefer”. When Duk-Hwa asks what BTS does, Secretary Kim attempts to show him by doing a hilarious version of the “Boy in Luv” choreography.


4. Fight My Way – “Fire”

“Fire” is currently the most popular BTS music choice for K-Dramas. This powerfuly, high-energy song help’s Park Seo-joon‘s character get hyped up for his fight in the ring. Thematically, “Fire” is also perfect for this drama since Fight My Way is about underdogs who are struggling to achieve their success, just like BTS did.


5. Tunnel – “Save Me”

Yoon Hyun-Min‘s character is listening to “Save Me” while browsing documents until Park Gwang-Ho (Choi Jin-Hyuk) interrupts him.


6. School 2017 – “Boy in Luv”

Kim Jung-Hyun gifts viewers with an unexpected, but much appreciated, “Boy in Luv” dance. BTS’s teen romance anthem is right at home in this high school K-Drama.


7. Imaginary Cat – “Run”

“Run ” plays in the background as these characters slurp up bowls of convenience store ramen in the webdrama Imaginary Cat.


8. The Shining Eun Soo – “Lost”

Many of BTS’s hits make great workout songs, so it’s no surprise that “Lost” can be heard playing at a gym during this scene.


9. Second 20s – “Dope”

In this drama, Choi Ji-Woo‘s plays a 38-year-old woman who dreamed of being a dancer when she was younger. She proves that she has what it takes to be a pro when she dances on stage to “Dope”.


10. Solomon’s Perjury – “Fire”

ARMYs were pleasantly surprised when Baek Chul-Min‘s character turned out to be a BTS fan. “Fire” is his ringtone.


11. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo –  “Blood, Sweat, & Tears”

“DNA” can be heard playing in the background during episode 3 of this drama, just before a fight breaks out at a restaurant.


12. Kill Me, Heal Me – “Danger”

The music for “Danger” isn’t played, but its music video does make a TV cameo in the lobby of this office building.


13. 2 Cops – “Not today”

BTS makes another ringtone cameo in the drama 2 Cops with “Not Today”.


14. Mad Dog – “DNA”

“DNA” makes a brief in Mad Dog when Woo Do-Hwan‘s is taking a jog through a park.


15. My Golden Life – “Spring Day”

“Spring Day” can be heard playing in a department store during this shopping scene in My Golden Life.


16. Chief Kim – “Fire”

All of the characters in this scene had way too much fun belting out “Fire” during karaoke. It’s amazing how many different kinds of situations K-Dramas have used this song for!