These Are All 16 Currently Active Female K-Pop Idols That Came From Japan

Would you move from your home country to chase your dream?

These days, it’s becoming more common for K-Pop idols to come from countries outside of Korea, such as Japan, China, the United States, or elsewhere. Japanese K-Pop idols are still relatively few in terms of the entire industry, but there are definitely more than there used to be, with groups such as TWICE and IZ*ONE having a couple Japanese members in their groups and making it less unusual due to their success! These are the 16 female Japanese K-Pop idols currently in the industry. Note that the list doesn’t include current trainees, or NiziU members since it’s unclear yet if they will be promoted as a K-Pop or J-Pop group.

1. May (Cherry Bullet)

Born on November 16, 2004, May is the lead dancer, vocalist, visual, and maknae of Cherry Bullet. She’s the tallest member, has a dog named Sora, and can play the piano! She also admires MOMOLAND a lot.

2. Sora (woo!ah!)

Born on August 30, 2003, Sora is the vocalist and rapper of woo!ah!. She’s liked K-Pop since she was young, and her role model is Mina from TWICE. Her hobbies include walking her pet, sleeping, and watching movies.

3. Hitomi (IZ*ONE)

Born on October 6, 2001, Hitomi is the lead dancer, vocalist, and rapper of IZ*ONE. She ranked 9th on Produce 48, and trained for 4 years and 2 months total to be an idol. She’s good at basketball, and can also do cheerleading tricks and enjoys watching cooking videos and composing songs.

4. Nako (IZ*ONE)

Born on June 18, 2001, Nako is a vocalist of IZ*ONE. She ranked 6th on Produce 48, and trained for 4 years and 10 months to be a K-Pop idol. She’s good at ballet, and enjoys watching movies, doing karaoke, and playing cards. She’s also a huge fan of TWICE, especially Jihyo.

5. Remi (Cherry Bullet)

Born on April 26, 2001, Remi is the main dancer and vocalist of Cherry Bullet. She’s known for her curious personality and love for Disney movies, and her nickname is DoReMi. She was also a temporary member of the J-Pop group Prism☆Mates in 2011.

6. Haru (NATURE)

Born on February 21, 2000, Haru is the main dancer and vocalist of NATURE. She’s skilled in dancesport, or competitive ballroom dancing, and has won 3 different competitions in the sport. Momo of TWICE is her role model.

7. Sakura (IZ*ONE)

Born on March 19, 1998, Sakura is the vocalist, rapper, and visual of IZ*ONE. She ranked at #2 on Produce 48, and trained for 6 years and 11 months to be a K-Pop idol. She loves Red Velvet and her bias is Irene. She enjoys playing video games, watching movies, reading, and acting.

8. Juri (Rocket Punch)

Born on October 3, 1997, Juri is the vocalist and dancer of Rocket Punch. Her favorite K-Pop group is BLACKPINK, and for her first performance on Produce 48 she covered “Playing with Fire”. Her hobbies include shopping, listening to music, and watching movies, and she’s also skilled at playing the drums.

9. Mina (TWICE)

Born on March 24, 1997, Mina is the main dancer and sub-vocalist of TWICE. She was actually born in San Antonio, Texas, but moved to Japan when she was a toddler. She has the shortest training period of any of the TWICE members, but also did ballet for 11 years previous to becoming an idol. She was also ranked #91 in the Most Beautiful Faces of 2019 list.

10. Sana (TWICE)

Born on December 29, 1996, Sana is a sub-vocalist of TWICE. She was cast by JYP Entertainment while shopping with her friends, and passed the audition for the company in April of 2012. Her hobbies include doing calligraphy and collecting perfumes. She was also ranked on the Most Beautiful Faces of 2019 list at #48.

11. Momo (TWICE)

Born on November 9, 1996, Momo is the main dancer, sub-vocalist, and sub-rapper of TWICE. She was scouted by JYP Entertainment after the company saw a dance video of her and her sister, though unfortunately her sister didn’t pass auditions. She started dancing when she was 3, after being inspired by her older sister. She also enjoys dolls and stuffed animals.

12. Léa (Secret Number)

Born on August 12, 1995, Léa is a vocalist of Secret Number. She’s the tallest member in the group, and was also the last to be revealed. She was on MIXNINE, and her idols include Ariana Grande, Sunmi, and Apink. She’s also a former member of the K-Pop group SKarf. She’s a fan of TVXQ, and enjoys exercising and watching dramas.

13. Rui (H.U.B)

Born on October 8, 1994, Rui is the leader, lead rapper, lead dancer, vocalist, and visual of H.U.B. Her role model is HyunA (who she’s also friends with), and she also enjoys modeling. She participated on MIXNINE and ranked 25th before being eliminated. She also loves shoes, going to the beach, and Sailor Moon.

14. Yua (Honey Popcorn)

Born on August 18, 1993, Yua is the leader, main vocalist, visual, and lead dancer of Honey Popcorn. She was formerly a member of the huge J-Pop group SKE48. Unfortunately, not much else is known about her!

15. Miya (GWSN)

Born on May 26, 1993, Miya is the main dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist of GWSN. Her role model is Amber Liu, and she trained in Korea for 4 months before becoming an idol. Her hobbies include drawing and playing softball. She was also once in a VIXX dance cover group called Baxx.

16. Moko (Honey Popcorn)

Born on March 19, 1991, Moko is a vocalist of Honey Popcorn. She used to be in the Japanese group Bakusute Sotokanda Icchome, but not a lot else is known about her!