16 Heartwarming Moments Of Super Junior M That Fans Will Never Forget

Henry’s time with Super Junior M is ending, but their friendship is forever!

Super Junior M will never be the same without Henry, but ELFs will cherish the time the group had together.


1. Musical Stools

Henry pulled Donghae onto his lap after the two chose the same seat during this variety show game.


2. “I’m Sorry” Hug

Donghae also hugged Henry…as an apology for purposely knocking him down from a set of monkey bars.


3. Proud Hyung

Kyuhyun‘s face lit up while watching his sister and Henry perform the violin.


4. Back Hug

Siwon pulled Henry into a loving back hug towards the end of a Super Show 5 concert.


5. Happy Birthday, Henry.

The Super Junior M members threw Henry a birthday surprise, complete with cake!


6. Random Act of Kindness

Henry gave an elderly woman a $100 gift certificate for the Shinsegae department store. The woman was selling snacks at Samseong Station.


7. Leeteuk‘s Kiss

Leeteuk showed just how comfortable he is with Henry by surprising by with a sneaky kiss on the lips.


8. Donghae’s Unending Affection

Leeteuk isn’t the only member who enjoys smooching Henry. Donghae wouldn’t stop showering his fellow member in kisses!


9. Henry “Saves” Eunhyuk‘s life

Henry performed this adorable, mock CPR on Eunhyuk in front of a live audience.


10. Grooming Donghae

During Kiss the Radio, Henry and Ryeowook cutely pestered Donghae by acting as his coordi-noonas.


11. Bickering

Henry and Eunhyuk playfully bickered while filming a cooking show.


12. The Gift of a Friend

No ELF will ever forget the touching moment when Siwon appeared on a variety show as Hangeng‘s “gift”. He gave Hangeng this loving embrace to show him that, even though he is no longer a part of Super Junior, he will always be with the members in spirit. It will undoubtedly be the same for Henry.


13. Hug Me, Friend!

Speaking of hugs, let’s not forget this cute, spontaneous moment between Kyuhyun and Zhoumi!


14. Kyuhyun’s Birthday

The members celebrated Kyuhyun’s birthday together on stage, during Super Show 4.


15.  “Marry You”

Fans brought Super Junior to tears when they sang “Marry You”.


16. Comforting Henry

Henry’s members comforted him during an emotional moment on stage. Henry broke down in tears after telling fans that his mother, who he hadn’t been able to see often, was sitting in the audience.


For ten years, the Super Junior M members have supported each other through thick and thin. Even though Henry’s time with Super Junior M is finished, his friendship with the members will surely live on!


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