16 Hilarious Times EXO Tested Their Dear Leader Suho’s Patience

Suho just can’t catch a break!

Being a leader isn’t exactly an easy job. Keeping your wild members in check while also showcasing your own unique charms, well, it’s a full-time job. It’s even more difficult if your the leader looking after 8 hyper and wild members who love to make a little mischief and test their leader’s patience. But that’s all in a day’s work for EXO’s Suho!

1. The time Suho caught Baekhyun making weird faces but it didn’t stop him


And Chanyeol joined in later too!

2. When everybody was determined to bug Suho while he was talking

3. When Suho only wanted to make a heart with Chanyeol

4. Suho was attempting to talk but thanks to a tickling Chanyeol, his attempts were foiled

5. When Baekhyun decided Suho needed an extra friend

6. When Kai decided he needed to tickle the leader too!

7. This accident just waiting to happen

Poor Suho was just an innocent bystander! Then there was Baekhyun…

8. When D.O. attacked him with a toy…

9. And so did Chanyeol

10. That one-time Suho even admitted he feels like a parent taking care of naughty children

11. When D.O. gave him a sudden side poke

12. Or the time all the members ganged up on Suho to give him an icy bath

13. The time Chanyeol totally dissed Suho

During a radio show, the group was asked if it was all right to reveal their physical album sales and Chanyeol came back with, “Then what happens to Suho hyung?”

14. That time Chanyeol decided his leader was a drum set

15. And the time D.O. had a little too much fun with a toy

16. Then there’s the time when Kai just wanted to express some of his love for his hyung

Bonus: The time even the photographer was against Suho

Suho can’t even catch a break from the photographers!