16 Idols Who Learned Valuable Life Lessons, The Extremely Hard Way

Lesson learned!

Sometimes a lesson learned can happen easily, other times not so much. These idols have had it rough and were taught lessons by their fellow members, gravity, and everything else that brought the point home. It’s unlikely that these idols will ever do the same things twice because they have truly learned things the hard way!


1. When SEVENTEEN’s Vernon learned about airport fashion the hard way

Vernon decided to wear something comfy to the airport. The yellow beanie and round glasses were certainly a fashion statement.


Unfortunately, Woozi didn’t let him live the fashion choice down and Vernon paid for it…


And paid for it…


And paid for it some more!


2. When EXO’s Chanyeol found out you shouldn’t mess with D.O.

Chanyeol thought he had managed to prank D.O


Then D.O. taught Chanyeol a lesson he wasn’t going to forget any time soon.


3. When EXO’s Lay found out what happens when you combine his name with Baekhyun’s

Baekhyun and Lay probably weren’t thinking what would happen if they combined their names. At least they later got a lesson in proper pronunciation from the experience.


4. When BTS’s Jungkook learned you shouldn’t stand behind someone jump roping

Jungkook was just enjoying a quick dance break when Jimin suddenly swung the jump rope backward. It’s unlikely that Jungkook will ever stand that close to someone with a potential weapon any time soon.


5. When SHINee’s Onew learned not to throw things

And Onew learned that’s the reason why every parent tells you not to throw things.


6. When WINNER’s Mino learned balloons just shouldn’t be put in your pants

Mino might have had the balloon in his pants for the skit they were performing, but we don’t think he’s going to be letting anyone talk him into repeating it.


7. When Red Velvet’s Wendy learned not to make calls on a broadcast

Wendy‘s attempts at calling Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun ended in a bit of a disaster. To be fair, Wendy forgot Seohyun had changed her number!


8. When EXO’s Xiumin learned there isn’t an easy way to win Jenga

Xiumin looked like he totally had the game of Jenga in the bag when he got creative with a dart…


It’s just that gravity had a bit of a different plan!


9. When iKON’s Donghyuk and Jinhwan learned the hard way that the paper game isn’t the greatest

Ah, the paper game! Everything was going smoothly…


Until it wasn’t anymore!


10. When BTS’s Jin learned not to arm wrestle Jungkook

Never arm wrestle the muscle pig. Just don’t do it!


11. When GFRIEND learned you should never skate indoors

Roller skating inside is just not a good idea because what happened to SinB could happen to anyone!


12. When KNK learned you should never run backward

When you think that everything is fine and then find out it’s not!


13. When Red Velvet’s Yeri learned you shouldn’t mess with your leader

Yeri can be pretty savage but Irene was just not having it!


14. When MONSTA X’s Hyungwon learned you should never trust your members

Hyungwon was totally trusting his members to keep him aloft.


And unfortunately for him, they decided he’d been in their arms too long!


15. When NU’EST W’s JR learned that gravity always wins

Because even when you’re sitting down gravity can strike!


16. When BTS’s V learned you shouldn’t mess with the props

Just when you think the props are all locked down, V proves you wrong!