16 Korean Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Have A National Title

How many of these did you already know?

Earning the title of “Nation’s ____” just might be the biggest honor you could get as a celebrity or public figure. These titles show just how loved you are by the nation and your fans, but sometimes these titles aren’t used so much outside of South Korea. So we’ve compiled a list of some celebrities that you might not know have received this great honor!

1. IU

You probably know that IU has held the title of “Nation’s Little Sister” for a long time now but did you also know that she holds the title of “Nation’s Sweetheart” too?


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You’ve got to the love the brother-sister dynamic between these two singers and that’s probably the reason why they’re considered the “Nation’s Siblings.”

3. Jun Ji Hyun

There are a number of women who hold the title of “Nation’s First Love” and Jun Ji Hyun is one of them. With good reason too, she’s a fantastic actress that always make you fall in love!

4. Song Hye Kyo

Speaking of fantastic actresses, Song Hye Kyo is another actress who has earned the first love title!

5. Yoo Jae Suk

Alright, so pretty much everyone knows that Yoo Jae Suk is the “Nation’s MC!”

6. Suzy

Of course, who could forget that Suzy also holds the “Nation’s First Love” title as well as “Nation’s Sweetheart.”

7. Girls’ Generation

Girls’ Generation has long held onto the title of “Nation’s Girl Group” and it’s really no surprise with their talent!

8. BTS

Then for the “Nation’s Boy Group” it shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that BTS is known by this name right now!

9. Park Bo Gum

A lot of people consider Park Bo Gum the “Nation’s Boyfriend” because he’s just so charming, but he’s also got two other titles. He’s the “Nation’s Crown Prince” because of his easygoing and high-class image, as well as, the “Nation’s Man of Good Influence” because of his kindness and politeness.

10. Yoo Seung Ho

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Cute, bright, and innocent? Yep, Yoo Seung Ho’s got them down and that’s why he’s crowned as the “Nation’s Little Brother.”

11. Yeo Jin Goo

For that same reason, Yeo Jin Goo is also considered the little brother of South Korea!

12. Seolhyun (AOA)

Seolhyun has definitely captured a lot of hearts which is why she’s considered the “Nation’s ‘It’ Girl!”

13. Lee Seung Gi

So Lee Seung Gi has the title of “Nation’s Son-in-Law” but he’s also got another hilarious title. He’s known as “Nations Uhm-Chin-Ah” which roughly means “your mother’s friend’s brilliant son who you get compared to! Let’s be honest, we all know it’s true!

14. Park Woojin (AB6IX)

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Fans have lovingly dubbed Park Woojin as the “Nation’s Dark Past” for his dorky and loveable personality. Not to mention his major glow up!

15. Lee Hyori

If you didn’t know, Lee Hyori was dubbed as the “Nation’s Fairy” during her Family Outing days. In fact, if you do a quick search of the nation’s fairy the no. 1 hit is Lee Hyori!

16. Rain