16 K-Pop Fans Who Are Extra AF And Don’t Care Who Knows

K-Pop fandoms are known as some of the most extra, but some fans go just that little bit further – and they’re totally proud of it.

K-Pop fandoms are known for being a little extra, but there are some times when hardcore fans go above even that level and become VDE (very damn extra). The below fans are not only extra AF, they don’t care who knows about it!


1. When BTS‘s fansite, Without Words, made Jungkook sign a contract to upload more selfies.

The fansite admins wanted everyone to know Jungkook would do as they asked – well, contracted – him to do!


2. When this fanboy shouted his faves at every group that appeared.

He’s devoted to making sure his biases know who they are… so much so the idols are left giggling. (More on him later…)


3. When this male dance group covered Girls’ Generation‘s “Gee”.

Zero f*ks given… just the enjoyment of SNSD.


4. When this fan confessed that he had lied to his girlfriend about being a Wannable and put the group first, going to events to see Wanna One instead of spending time with her.

Hello, I have one secret that I cannot tell to my girlfriend, friends, and even my family. Recently, I’ve lied a lot to my girlfriend. My secret is… I am actually a male fan of Wanna One, Wannable. Since their debut in August, I keep saying that I need to meet my friend, my family, and make other excuses… But actually I attended showcases, high touch event, concerts, and other things. I really wish that my girlfriend can be a fan just like me, but she does not have any interest in idols. She kinda hates idols. Since I have a lot of Wanna One things in my room, I also never invite my girlfriend to my room.

He posted his secret on a university site.


5. When this fan of Highlight (formerly BEAST) brought 46 copies of the same album to get into their fan signing event.

Image: Urban Wire

It was expensive but worth it as it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me to meet my idols.

— Cindy Tai


6. Jay Park‘s pikachu fan

The fan didn’t even try to touch him, just… pikachu.


7. Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung‘s dinosaur fangirl

Any time Sooyoung began singing live, a girl screamed like a pterodactyl. You’ve gotta wonder how Sooyoung could concentrate with that sound coming at her!


8. “I will sue you Min Yoongi!”

This now famous moment in BTS history was even mentioned by Suga in “House of ARMY”. He jokes, “I’m deadly attractive. What if someone sues me for it?”


9. “Park Sooyounggggg!”

The fanboy from item #2 on this list is actually best known for his repeated screaming of Joy‘s Korean name at events. Although he loves screaming at all his favorites, his legendary status started during Red Velvet‘s “Rookie” era, when he first called out, “When you smile, I’m happy!” He has come back several times over the years, always screaming variations of the same theme. The girls’ reactions each time he starts screaming “Park Sooyounggg!” is just as funny as his fanboying.


10. Jimin’s flight to the stars

This fan took a clip of Jimin dancing further than anyone else… ever.


11. When fans made social media accounts for the BTS mosquito-biting incident.

And the door that RM didn’t close…

And RM’s apology.

Plus a load of other inanimate objects surrounding the boys.


12. When this fan made TWICE “Just Dance” videos.

And BTS’s “Mic Drop” thanks to ARMY requests.


13. When BTS hit 6 million followers, ARMYs made a concerted effort to show their extraness.


14. When this fanboy started jumping around and singing during Guerilla Date with CN Blue.

The guys were immediately like, “have you been drinking?


15. When K-Pop Twitter arrived

K-Pop fans began trending multiple artists being “over” in favor of K-Pop.


16. And when K-Pop fans literally took over internet memes with derp idol pictures.