Koreans Believe These Are The 16 Most Legendary K-Pop Music Show Performances Ever

Koreans are feeling nostalgic about these amazing performances.

Korean netizens are getting nostalgic about broadcasts from what many refer to as the golden year of K-Pop, 2008, and a specific music show episode where several legendary musicians gathered to perform on the same stage. Calling the lineup one that gives “goosebumps”, with every single name popular in the industry, fans think this Music Core show was one of the most legendary stages ever. Check out the lineup below.


1. 2PM


2. Davichi




4. SHINee


5. Baek Ji Young


6. Brown Eyed Girls


7. K.Will


8. Girls’ Generation


9. Kim Jongkook


10. Son Dam Bi


11. Jewelry


12. SS501


13. Rain


14. Wonder Girls




16. TVXQ!

Source: Pann Nate