Here Are 16 Moments From BTS’s “VSOPE” Live Broadcast To Get You Through Monday

What better way to start the week than with a BTS live broadcast?

Bangtan Café’s Yongsan branch is open for business!

ARMY have been introduced to the new unit “VSOPE” as BTS‘s V, J-Hope, and Suga held their first live broadcast in the new HYBE building. The trio made drinks, including fruit smoothies, citrus tea, and mint chocolate latte. The caffeine and serotonin are much needed as we begin the week.

Here are 16 moments from VSOPE’s live broadcast to get us through Monday:

1. J-Hope is the best hype man!

2. They love their unit name as much as we do 🥺

3. Suga’s recovery continues to progress!

4. J-Hope thanking international ARMY 💜

5. Their smiles!

6. V’s concentration as he prepares his drink

7. VSOPE’s panic when something was leaking!

8. We love tteokbokki!

9. J-Hope’s reaction to the blender’s noise

10. V struggling to operate the blender

11. J-Hope and his mint choco latte!

12. J-Hope patiently for critics’ reviews

13. The finished products!

14. J-Hope and his medicinal coffee

15. The drinks might not taste as good as they look…

16. VSOPE’s cute poses as they end their live!

Source: BTS and @vantemusings