16 Moments Where MAMAMOO’s Wheein Showed Just How Extremely Cute And Pure She Is For This World

Get ready to drop all your UWUs for this post.

MAMAMOO‘s Wheein is the complete package.

She’s extremely talented in both singing and dancing.

Her visuals are drop-dead gorgeous.

And she’s too cute for words — she’s definitely what comes into mind when you think of “UWU”!

Here are sixteen moments that show just how adorable and cute Wheein can be!

1. Her fist reminds you of a baby’s

2. What’s in her bag?

It doesn’t matter — you’ll only focus on how cute her voice is, anyway.

3. Dimple attack

Hurry, prepare yourselves — incoming!

4. Here’s Wheein as a kid

And frankly, we don’t really see a huge difference: cuteness is still there.

5. Shy Wheein is adorable Wheein

6. How can someone so cute like this have a deeply soulful voice?

7. The pigtails are one thing…

…and her cute expressions are another. She looks like your next-door neighbor who’s inviting you over for a play date.

8. She protec, she attac, but most of all, she gives a snack

9. When her words say no, but her actions scream yes

10. Even tired Hwasa couldn’t resist the cuteness

Hwasa wanted to rest after a tiring photoshoot, but Wheein had other plans.

11. The more she denies how cute she is, the more it shows

12. No need for force: her aegyo comes naturally

13. It’s like a baby duckling following her mother duck

14. Solar looked like she wanted to squeeze Wheein’s cheeks

15. So adorable, even when she’s just eating

If this is the face she makes when she’s eating, it’s no wonder why people love to feed her

16. Protect this puppy at all costs

Does Wheein even realize how cute she really is?