16 Moments That Sum Up The Struggles Of Being A K-Pop Leader

When the members gang up on their leaders!

Being a leader is one of the toughest positions to take. K-Pop leaders, in particular, have a hard time. For them, being a leader is a full-time job. They have to keep their wild maknaes and unruly members in line while showing their unique charms too. Leaders definitely have one of the hardest jobs around and these pictures will prove it!


1. When BTS’s RM was mocked by Jimin

RM was just talking backstage with the support of J-Hope when suddenly Jimin appeared to mock his leader. And when RM told him to do it again…he actually did it!


2. When BIGBANG’s Seungri roasted G-Dragon

Ever wondered why some of BIGBANG’s songs are sad? Well, according to the group’s maknae it’s all their leader’s fault!


3. SF9’s leader fail

Sometimes it seems like maknaes are always causing trouble just like when Chani didn’t think Youngbin should be the leader and thought he would do a better job.


4. EXO Suho’s failed heart

Poor Suho was just trying to make a heart with Chanyeol but it looks like Chanyeol couldn’t stop himself from teasing his leader!


5. Ticklish EXO

Being a leader you do a lot of talking for the group only sometimes your fellow members don’t make things easy for you!


6. Girls’ Generation Taeyeon’s fan fail

All Taeyeon wanted was for Sooyoung to pay attention to her. Too bad she was rejected! But we still love you Taeyeon!


7. GOT7’s chic and not so cool leader

Maknaes strike again! This time it seems like Yugyeom had a real death wish when he decided to tease JB.


8. GOT7 JB’s revenge

Sometimes mocking the leader comes with its own sweet revenge. JB noticed Youngjae mocking him and decided to spice things up with a soda bomb.


9. Red Velvet’s water fight

Just a typical day with Red Velvet where Yeri decides to soak Irene for fun!


10. EXO’s watery surprise

Speaking of soaking, EXO ganged up on their leader and decided to give him a nice wet surprise when he gave his bow.


11. BTOB’s roasting

Was this a compliment or a complete diss of Eunkwang… With BTOB you’re never really sure!


12. GOT7 walking on the edge

Almost every single member of GOT7 was ready to feel JB’s wrath when they decided to call him disrespectfully.


13. BTS RM’s punishment

RM experienced a lot of pain at the hands of his maknae with this single slap!


14. What VIXX’s N has to put up with

Is this what N has to deal with on a daily basis? Poor leader-nim!


15. TWICE’s livestream surprise

Poor Jihyo was just having some fun on a livestream when her members decided to focus on the hole in her sock!


16. Dance time with AOA

Then we have Seolhyun throwing some shade and making fun of Jimin with her dance moves!


Bonus: But at least they have someone who understands them!

BTS’s RM and EXO’s Suho were able to find a kindred spirit with each other.