16 Most Relatable Fan Reactions To BLACKPINK’s Iconic “Lovesick Girls” Comeback

BLINKs had a lot to say about “The Album”!

BLACKPINK has finally released their title track for “Lovesick Girls” alongside their first full length album, The Album. Needless to say, BLINKs had a lot to say. From being excited to close to tears, there was a lot to take in.

Check out some of the best fan reactions to BLACKPINK’s comeback below!

1. When Jennie finally rapped

2. When Jennie was UNFAIR

3. When Loren and Rosé were cute AF

4. But when we were also jealous

5. When Rosé deserved an Oscar

6. No, really!

7. When Jisoo’s visuals were out of this world

8. When Lisa killed it

9. When Jennie was the best producer

10. When Jisoo was a strong, independent woman

11. Or when this fan may have found the reason why Jisoo was alone

12. When YG Entertainment finally got it right

13. When Lisa was the it girl

14. When Jisoo was literally a painting

15. When Lisa owned this album

16. And when we were all satisfied

If you want to see the reason behind fan’s extreme reactions, check out the full “Lovesick Girls” video below!