16 Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Looked Like Our Hot High School Crush In Uniforms

She needs to wear #12 again!

BLACKPINK wears many great outfits, but a fan favorite is when they wear uniforms. No member wears these glow-up version of uniforms more often than Jennie. For some reason, it highlights her youthful beauty and attractiveness even more than usual.

Check out the best ones below!

1. In pink plaid

2. In a red and blue color scheme

3. In JTBC’s Knowing Bros

4. In jogging pants under a skirt

5. In a white long sleeved blouse

6. In “As If It’s Your Last”

7. In a gym uniform

8. In a black Adidas uniform

9. In a Sailor Moon-esque outfit

10. In a pretty black bow

11. In a purple checkered blouse

12. In a Chanel ribbon and blazer

13. In pink, blue, and white

14. In a yellow skirt

15. In a necktie and fierce look

16. In an after-school gym photoshoot