16 Times BLACKPINK Jennie Looked THE Hottest In Tight Jeans

Here are 10+ times BLACKPINK’s Jennie looks so hot in her fashionable outfits featuring tight jeans.

1. A simple set of jeans and sweater.


2. Pairing some black jeans with ruffled crop tops.


3. Rocking some metallic pink jeans.


4. A sweet and happy jean-clad Jennie!

5. Look at the view!


6. Cute as a button with high waisted jeans!


7. Jennie making simple black jeans chic af!


8. Ready for takeoff!


9. Jennie out for some fun


10. Keeping it casual with jeans!


11. All-jeans, good-jeans!


12. Dark jeans + Jennie = STUNNING!


13. Jeans and a puppy. What could be better?


14. Bold cuffs for a bold statement.


15. Ripped jeans to match our ripped hearts…


16. Because Jennie in jeans is just fantastical!