16 Times EXO’s Chanyeol Was Just Way Too Tall For This World

What an adorable giant!

EXO Chanyeol‘s official height is 6’0 but fans have always been convinced that he’s taller and they might just be right! It seems like Chanyeol is constantly towering over everyone and everything and these moments prove that he’s a sweet and adorable giant!

1.  When he was way too tall for the phone booth in Memories of the Alhambra


Isn’t more common for people’s heads to be below the phone booth instead of above it?


2. When fans saw this photo of Baekhyun

Image result for baekhyun wearing chanyeols jacket

This is Chanyeol’s jacket. Looks pretty normal right?

Image result for baekhyun wearing chanyeol's clothes

Think again because just look at what happens when Baekhyun wears it!

3. The time Chanyeol compared his feet to Baekhyun’s

chanbaek feet

We’re sure you know whose feet are whose!


4. The time not even sitting down helped

chaneyol 13

You know you’re tall when, even sitting down, you’re still taller than everyone else!

5. This hand-size comparison

chaneyol do hand

Chanyeol versus D.O.’s hands. Wow!


6. When all the members hid behind him

chanyeol 1

Is Chanyeol standing on the stage alone? No! All his members are actually right behind him!

7. When things like this…

chanyeol 2


8. And this happen at the airport

chanyeol 6

9. All the times the logo did an unjustice to Chanyeol

chanyeol 3


10. The time Chanyeol wanted a picture but this happened

chanyeol 4

He only wanted a nice picture!

11. When he had to use manner-legs to line up with Suho

chanyeol 5


12. The time he was spotted with SEVENTEEN’s Woozi…

chanyeol 8


13. And made him look like a small child

14. When his hand almost made Baekhyun disappear


15. The time he made an ordinary can turn tiny

chanyeol 10


chanyeol 11

And wow that’s small! Are we sure that’s a normal sized can?

16. And the time he was able to gather all the members into his arms with ease!

. . .