16 Times Idols Were Completely Done With Giving Fan-Service

Yeah… no.

Some idols love showing off their aegyo skills, dishing out finger hearts, and doing a little bit of skinship but other idols aren’t too keen on it. Most of the time these idols will still do it to please their fans but on occasion, they just can’t bring themselves to do it! Whether they try and fail miserably or straight up say no, here are a few times that idols just couldn’t when it came to fanservice.


1. When GFRIEND’s Eunha tried her best to get SinB to do some aegyo with her

Eunha was totally down for some aegyo but SinB…not so much! First SinB couldn’t believe her eyes when Eunha started doing aegyo and when Eunha tried to pull her into doing some too, she just wasn’t having it!


2. That time Super Junior’s Donghae just couldn’t…

Since trends are always changing Super Junior needed to be brought up to speed with what fanservice is like now. Which might be why Donghae had such a hard time and took his frustration out on the poor defenseless teddy bear!


3. The moment EXO’s D.O. wasn’t winking for anybody

The EXO members were showing off their winking skills for fans during their EXO’luXion concert. While everyone was doing pretty good, D.O. just wasn’t having any of it. Although to be fair, he might be someone that just can’t wink!


4. When Kyla (formerly of PRISTIN) straight up said no

When her unnies asked her if it was possible to sing a bit of a children’s song, Kyla had them all laughing with her straightforward answer.


5. When Hyloyn decided everybody should be doing real math

During a fan meeting with SISTAR, one fan tried their hardest to get the girls to complete the “Gwiyomi Song”. Bora was down for it, but when it came to Hyolyn that was a completely different story!


6. The time ASTRO’s Rocky just couldn’t take acting cute

Rocky really was trying his hardest to do some aegyo. The only problem was it was way too embarrassing and he just couldn’t do it!


7. When GOT7’s Jinyoung rejected all the love

While some idols might accept all the love and then send some love back at fans, Jinyoung invented his own answer and he’s sticking to it!


8. BTS Suga’s “Fire” fiasco

When BTS were promoting for their “Fire” comeback they were asked to play the paper game. As V was freaking out about having to receive the paper from Suga, Suga was hatching his own plan on how to totally get out of the game!


9. That one time when TVXQ’s Changmin admitted they were victims of capitalism

TVXQ were called out for saying they didn’t like skinship while at least one photo seemed to prove otherwise…


That is until Changmin insisted it was all because they were victims of capitalism!


10. When LOONA’s Jinsoul couldn’t take the cute act

We got to give it to Jinsoul, she did manage to finish her aegyo routine. Too bad it looks like a small part of her died while doing so!


11. The time Super Junior’s Eunhyuk had as much luck as Donghae

On the same episode of Weekly Idol that Donghae had such trouble with the newer fanservice trends, Eunhyuk also had to try his hand at them. Let’s just say things didn’t go all that smooth for him either!


12. The time Red Velvet’s Irene decided finger hearts were just too much

When Red Velvet and a number of other people got to take a picture with the President and his family, it was the perfect time to bust out the iconic finger hearts! Unless of course, you are Irene who just noped her way out of the situation.


13. When Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung was too old for aegyo

SONEs know that Sooyoung has never been a fan of aegyo so she was probably glad when she got a little bit older and could use her age as an excuse not to do it!


14. When former Wonder Girls member Yubin said screw that

While her other members were showing off their aegyo skills, Yubin just wasn’t going for it. Delivered in a complete deadpan, Yubin’s “aegyo” was a huge hit!


15. The time Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon wasn’t loving finger hearts

Taeyeon was showing off a whole bunch of different hand hearts during a fan meeting. But when it came to finger hearts, she just couldn’t bring herself to do them!


16. When SHINee’s Key literally tried to escape his fate

The members played a game of rock paper scissors to see who would be the unlucky person to put on an aegyo show. As the other members showed their excitement over the fact that Key was going to have to do it…


He bolted for the exit in an attempt to escape the torture of aegyo!