16 Totally Real EXO Quotes That Sound Too Outrageous To Be True

Wait…did they really just say that?

International EXO-Ls who haven’t mastered Korean yet need subtitles to help them understand what the members of EXO are actually saying. Sometimes though, the subtitles are so crazy that fans can’t help but wonder if there was a mistranslation somewhere along the way. In reality, these subs aren’t mistranslations but are 100% accurate!


1. “Here. It’s poison, die!”

EXO’s fearless leader once showed off his special baking skill during a livestream. He incorporated elements of all the members like the colorful sprinkles represented Sehun‘s hair and the cherry was supposed to represent Xiumin‘s nose. But the moment he presented his cake he uttered these words. Somehow it’s still super endearing!


2. “He’s like a wife to me.”

One time Xiumin and Chen were asked how close they are to each other…and this is what Xiumin said!


3. “You know that saying men should have a big nose?”

When asked who has the body that everyone envies have on Knowing Brothers, Baekhyun decided to surprise everyone by saying this in relation to Sehun. Nobody could contain their surprise or their laughter!


4. “Are you thinking at all?”

During an interview for EXO Planet The ElyXiOn in Hong Kong, D.O. was given 30 seconds to answer a question. As the seconds ticked by, Xiumin got frustrated by D.O.’s lack of an answer and said this to him!


5. “You don’t need us? Really?”

During that same round of interviews for the ElyXiOn concert, Chen had to list off the 5 most important things to him. When he finished he just so happened to leave off one very important list item…his members! And Xiumin was so done!


6. “Whatever he’s holding in his hands at that moment is a weapon.”

EXO were exposing every dirty little secret on Knowing Brothers including the fact that you absolutely cannot pull a prank on D.O. because apparently, he can turn anything into a weapon!


7. “Have you ever slept?”

As part of a trailer for Korea’s tourism, each of the members were required to say some rather odd lines. Although it’s pretty obvious that their voices have been dubbed over you can totally tell that they actually said these lines.


8. “I could also pick my nose.”

In an interview for “My Annoying Brother” things took an interesting turn when D.O. talked about why it was convenient that there were no women around.


9. “You guys are so nasty.”

When the other members wouldn’t stop talking about butts at an EXO concert, Lay busted out this quip that had fans screaming!


10. “We even bite each other’s butts too.”

Baekhyun was back to his shenanigans on Knowing Brothers when he let everyone know that he plays with Sehun‘s butt and exposed everyone by saying that they’ve bitten each other’s butts!


11. “I’m just embarrassed by Chanyeol.”

After the hosts noticed how fidgety Suho was on an episode of Happy Together 3, he revealed that it wasn’t because of the question or appearing on the show but that he was actually embarrassed by Chanyeol. Talk about betrayal!


12. “I wasn’t able to take a shower with Xiumin.”

During a press conference for World Trip on a Ladder, Chen and Baekhyun revealed that they’ve never taken a shower with Xiumin. Just a bit of an odd topic to be on at a press conference!


13. “Wow, if this airs, I’m in trouble.”

Remember when EXO went to the haunted house? Good! Because then you might also remember that Baekhyun‘s worries were a little bit too late!


14. “I suddenly can’t remember my member’s name.”

You know how you know for sure that you’re group has too many members in it? When one of your own forgets someone’s names and has to count on their fingers to see who they’re missing!


15. “I reject you rejecting my love.”

Sehun said there was no way that he was going to let D.O. reject his love. No way!!


16. “Yesterday after the concert I felt lonely. After eating I realized I was just hungry.”

Did you know that if you’re feeling lonely you might actually just be hungry?


Bonus: “Tender love. Chicken tender.”

No subtitles required at all for this one!


“Say ‘hi’ to the Philippines.”

Only that’s definitely not what everyone heard…