17 Of The Best “Killing Parts” In K-Pop Songs

What’s your favorite killing part in a song?

“Killing parts” in K-Pop songs can be a variety of things, such as a certain catchy lyric, a vocal key change, or even a dance move or bass drop that hooks you into the song. Many K-Pop songs have them and some have even gone viral over the years (remember Sana‘s “shy shy shy” in “Cheer Up”?). Here are 17 fan favorite killing parts in K-Pop songs!

1.  Wonho’s “Everyday, every night, I can feel you” in MONSTA X’s “Beautiful”

2. Moonbyul’s “Meori eokkae mureup da hip” in MAMAMOO’s “HIP”

3. Yuna’s “I’m so bad bad” in ITZY’s “WANNABE”

4. Rose’s “On and on and on” in BLACKPINK’s “Playing with Fire”

5. Eunwoo’s “Such a good night” in ASTRO’s “All Night”

6. Jaemin’s “Ice cream” in NCT Dream’s “Boom”

7. Elkie’s “I tried to be so polite” in CLC’s “Devil”

8. Hwasa’s “Bicho, malo” in MAMAMOO’s “Egotistic”

9. Mark’s “That’s a long a** ride” in NCT U’s “The 7th Sense”

10. Naeun’s “Do you love me?” in Apink’s “I’m So Sick”

11. Dahyun’s rap line in TWICE’s “Feel Special”

12. Seungkwan and DK’s “Someone tell me what should I do” in SEVENTEEN’s “Fear”

13. Sehun’s “That’s right my type” in EXO’s “Monster”

14. Eunbin’s “Areumdaumi yeah” in CLC’s “Me”

15. Yiren’s “Goodbye, au revoir, adios” in EVERGLOW’s “Adios”

16. Tiffany’s “DJ, put it back on” in Girls’ Generation’s “Genie”

17. Hongbin’s “Cheolkeong, cheolkeong” in VIXX’s “Chained Up”