17 Hairstyles That Hoshi Has Rocked Since SEVENTEEN’s Debut

They’ve been as bright and colorful as his personality!

Hoshi is known for his bright, energetic personality, so it makes sense that he’s been styled with many different brightly colored, cute, and fluffy hairstyles that suit his personality. While there are a couple styles he’s gone back to a number of times (and he looks absolutely stunning in them), the SEVENTEEN member has had many different looks over the years! Here are 17 different hairstyles that Hoshi has had since the group’s debut.

1. The cute blond look styled with a headband he debuted with in “Adore U”

2. The endearing messy blond look he had for “Mansae”

3. The chestnut brown-colored locks he had in “Pretty U”

4. The adorable permed look he had in “Very Nice”

5. The first time he went all black for “Boom Boom”, “Don’t Wanna Cry”, and “Highlight”

6. When he went with bold cherry red for “Clap”

7. The cute yellow-blond look he had in “Change Up”

8. When he owned a bright, playful orange during SEVENTEEN’s “DIAMOND EDGE” world tour

9. The pale, silver-toned blond style he had for “Lilili Yabbay”

10. When he went back to black for “Thanks”

11. The dark brown look he owned in “Call Call Call!”

12. The silver-blue style he had in “Oh My!” and “Our Dawn Is Hotter Than Day”

13. When he stunned everyone with the messy, wet look he had for “Getting Closer”

14. When he rocked a cute beret for “Home”

15. The mature, dark purple-brown style he had for “HIT”

16. When he went back to his blond roots for “Fear”

17. And finally, the gorgeous white-blond color he had for the aesthetic “Fallin’ Flower”