Here Are 17 Hairstyles That RM Has Owned Since BTS’s Debut

He’s tried out a lot of different looks!

Like most K-Pop idols, BTS leader RM has had his fair share of different hairstyles over the course of his career. While they might not be as extravagant or shocking as some, he’s still had some pretty iconic looks! Here are 17 hairstyles that RM has had since BTS’s debut.

1. The iconic Mohawk he had for their debut in “No More Dream” and “We Are Bulletproof pt.2”

2. The slicked back blond look he had for “Boy In Luv” and “Danger”

3. The fluffy pastel pink and blond style he had for “War of Hormone”

4. The capped blond look he had for “I Need U”

5. The simple but sophisticated ash brown style he had in “Dope”

6. The pure pink look he had in “Run”

7. The cropped mint style he had in “Epilogue: Young Forever” and “Fire”

8. The dark silver look he had for “Blood Sweat & Tears”

9. The gorgeous muted purple color he had for “Spring Day”

10. The darker purple look he had styled with a bandana in “Not Today”

11. The playful orange dyed look he had for “DNA”

12. The messy gold style he tried out for “Mic Drop”

13. The stunning black style he had in “Fake Love”

14. The stylish deep silver look he rocked for “Idol”

15. The elegant white-blond style he owned in “Boy With Luv”

16. The sophisticated swept-back look he had for “Black Swan”

17. And finally, the long, rose gold locks he had in “ON”