17 Idols Who Moved On From Being Teenagers, Are Are Now Adults This Year

These 17 idols are no longer teenagers!

Idols born in 1999 are all now 20 years old in Korea, moving on from their teenager phase and slowly into adulthood. Here are 17 idols who are turning just 20, even though they are veterans of the industry.


1. Kim Yoo Jung


2. Jin Ji Hee


3. Kim So Hyun


4. Wanna One’s Park Jihoon


5. Wanna One’s Park Woojin


6. Young B


7. TWICE’s Tzuyu


8. TWICE’s Chaeyoung


9. Weki Meki’s Yoojung


10. Weki Meki’s Doyeon


11. Kim Sohye


12. Gugudan’s Mina


13. Cosmic Girls’ Yeonjung


14. Oh My Girl’s Arin


15. Red Velvet’s Yeri


16. April’s Naeun


17. Akdong Musician’s Lee Suhyun

Source: 1boon